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The All-Russian engineering workshop in soil protection 15.12.2018 г.

The All-Russian engineering workshop in soil protection

On 11 – 12 December in Voronezh, Association "Greenhouses of Russia" held an All-Russian engineering seminar on the topic relevant for protected soil, "Energy Efficiency in Greenhouses. Modern Strategies and Techniques of Climate Control in Greenhouses" with a visit to the greenhouse complex of LLC Rodina and the plant of LLC RPE NFL for the production of lightings for greenhouses.

The venue was not chosen by chance: this year, in the Voronezh region, a modern 5th generation high-tech greenhouse complex of LLC Rodina for the production of ecologically safe vegetable production was put into operation, and LLC RPE NFL over the recent years has become one of the leading factories for the production of lightings for greenhouses.

Visits to these enterprises aroused a great interest among the participants of the seminar.

The seminar was opened by N. D. Rogova, Director General of the "Greenhouses of Russia" association, who welcomed the participants.

General Director of LLC "Rodina", Andrei Vladimirovich Kovryakov told about the operation of the new greenhouse complex in the Voronezh region, and General Director of LLC RPE NFL Alexander Novoseltsev in his speech focused on the development of lightings for greenhouses in his company.

In their speeches, the speakers touched on many relevant topics, like Introduction of Digital Technologies in Greenhouse Production with the Aim of Increasing Efficiency, Lighting for Greenhouses: Traditions and New Approaches, Power Supply from the power grid of PJSC Federal Grid Company Unified Energy System of Russia. The Mechanisms of Reducing the Cost of Electric Energy, Efficiency of Energy Saving with the Use Climate Screens, Microclimate. Technical Capabilities in Creating Optimal Conditions for the Production of Products in Protected Soil, and other topics.

During the engineering seminar, General Director of the "Greenhouses of Russia" association Natalia Dmitrievna Rogova and the Chairman of the Aluminum Association Valentin Ivanovich Trishchenko signed an Agreement about cooperation.

During the seminar, a lot of professional discussions were held on a variety of topics, like How to Get Real Help from the State? How to choose lightings for assimilation lighting? How to reduce the cost of electric power? How to improve the energy efficiency of greenhouses? What is the efficiency of using LED lighting?

These and many other practical issues were discussed in the atmosphere of a live, concerned, and constructive communication.

The seminar was attended by the heads, leading specialists of engineering services from greenhouse enterprises, Russian and foreign companies involved in greenhouse vegetable production from 35 regions of Russia and 5 foreign countries (the total of 150 people).